Professional Partenership of Notaries – Manta Claudiu and Chivu-Răceanu Maria

8A, Unirii Street – Târgu Jiu, județul Gorj

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The notarial activity ensures to natural and legal persons the finding of legal civil or commercial non-litigious relationships, as well as the exercitation of their rights and the protection of their interests in accordance to law.

The notarial activity is performed by notaries who provide notarial acts and legal advice according to the Law no. 36 of notaries public and notarial activity, republished.

In order to prevent disputes, the notary public has the obligation to verify the documents which are required to be notarized so that they do not contain clauses contrary to law or morality, to ask for and give explanations to the parties over the content of these documents in order to convince himself that they understood their meaning and accepted their effects. The notary public will refuse to notarize the requested document if this is contrary to law and morality.

The notarial activity is performed equally for all persons, with no distinction as to race, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, gender, politics, wealth or social origin.